Public / Administrative Law

Public Procurement and Administrative Contracts

Counselling to public and private entities in the area of public procurement and execution of administrative contracts, including of public works, concession of works and public services, acquisition of goods and services and concession of private usage of the public domain, in particular:

•    Monitoring of public entities in the installation of procedures and during the whole process of contract formation;
•    Counselling to private entities in the area of preparation and delivery of proposals and in the creation of legal structures for the participation in procedures;
•    Monitoring of public and private entities in the area of the contract execution, its compliance or non-compliance and its renegotiation;
•    Representation of public and private entities in disputes related to the formation or contract execution phase.

Urban and Territorial Planning

Counselling to public and private entities in the areas of urban and territorial planning, in particular:

•    Formulation and revision of the normative content of the urban planning and other instruments of territorial management;
•    Programming and execution of plans;
•    Control of urban planning operations (division into lots, urbanization, construction, among others);
•    Urban rehabilitation.

Public entities, local authorities and corporate public sector

Regular counselling to public institutes and local authorities, public and local companies:

•    Formulation of legal opinions and providing regular legal counselling about a wide variety of issues of administrative law, regulatory law, public finance, public service law and/or corporate law;
•    Monitoring, counselling and defence in inspection processes, audits and other processes carried out by the General Inspection for Finances and the Court of Auditors.