Dispute Resolution

Representation of clients before the Court of Law (administrative, criminal, civil and commercial court), the Court of Auditors and the Arbitration Court in disputes related to the office preferential practice areas, including:

Administrative litigation and arbitration

•    Pre-contractual litigation (challenging of administrative acts issued in the context of procedures of formation of administrative contracts);
•    Litigation regarding administrative acts (challenging of acts and condemnation in the practice of due administrative acts);
•    Representation of public entities, companies and private individuals in contractual and extra-contractual civil liability lawsuits in Administrative and Arbitration Courts;
•    Disputes related to the execution of public contracts;

•    Disputes related to the approval of urban planning and management instruments and with the issuance (or refusal) of licences or other acts of urban planning control;

Litigation before the Court of Auditors

•    Representation of public office holders, public managers, employees or State agents or local authorities in processes for financial responsibilities effecting in legal proceedings under the Court of Audits.

Criminal Litigation

•    Crimes under the responsibility of political office-holders and high-ranking public office-holders (namely, violation of urban planning rules, corruption, embezzlement and prevarication);
•    Medical Criminal responsibility.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

•    Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability lawsuits
•    Disputes related to the validity, interpretation, execution and breach of civil and commercial contracts;
•    Disputes related to the execution of shareholders’ agreements;
•    Liability lawsuits against administrators;
•    Impugnation of social deliberations.